Hiring the Best Data Scientist With the Help of Online Software

Data Science is a relatively new field which has opened up new career paths. Since this is a new field and the candidates are forced to learn a lot of data related information and skills as quickly as possible, it is important to assess if the candidate has the necessary skills for the job on hand. The job of a Data scientist is actually a general name given to several types of data science job under its purview.

Hiring the Best Data Scientist With the Help of Online Software

Types of Data Science Jobs

You could be looking out to hire the people who can handle big data for four types of data science jobs depending upon your type of business and your data needs. They may commonly refer to it as a Data Scientist. The four types of data Science job include.

Data Analyst – This refers to the job that deals with pulling data out of MySQL databases, creating bar and line charts for a better understanding of the data, managing the company’s Google analytics account so on and so forth. This sort of environment is ideal for the aspiring data scientist to perform there on the job duties regularly and also expand their skill set as per requirements.

Data Engineer – This refers to candidates who are data scientists with a software engineering background. They will be able to provide excellent and meaningful data-like contributions, analysis, and insights by handling the increasingly large amount of data generated due to a lot of traffic to set up a data infrastructure that will help your company progress.

Data scientists for data analysis platform – hiring candidates for this position has to be done with care as data analysis or machine learning is quite intense and formal training in mathematics, physics or statistics that will be of help in handling massive amounts of data from consumer-facing companies.

Data scientist for A reasonably sized non-data company – The candidate with skills in tools used in big data will be the ideal candidates. They are chosen to fill a specific niche the existing data scientist team in the organization cannot handle.


As you know the term Data Scientist is used as a blanket term to refer to four types of job a candidate is supposed to perform. Once you as a company that is hiring the data scientist is sure of what you expect out of the candidate, it is easier to identify the skills that will be required for the candidate to perform well in the job. The data scientist assessment based on tests and interviews that include assessment of competencies in

  • Basic Tools– this includes a language for statistical programmings such as R or Python and a database query language such as SQL.
  • Basic Statistics– knowledge of statistics is important for all types of jobs the data scientists are expected to perform and especially important for data-driven companies.
  • Machine learning– it refers to knowledge of all the machine learning buzzwords and an understanding of how the algorithms work which will help to use the appropriate techniques at appropriate times.
  • Data Munging– this refers to the ability to identify and deal with imperfect data
  • Data visualization and communication– this refers to the knowledge of tools of visualization like ggplot and d3.js., the principle behind visually encoding data and effective communication.
  • Software engineering background
  • Problem-solving abilities

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